I plan on getting a Chevy Express 2500 (regular wheelbase) soon and outfitting it Vanabode-style. 

I will get one with 6L V8 if I can…

I read a lot on here about Jason Odom taking his vehicle offroad, but I don't think I have ready any mention of him having four-wheel drive.

Is a rear wheel drive, stock Express 2500 capable of offroading with no modifications?

If four-wheel drive is not necessary, would there be any advantage to getting one with all wheel drive, besides driving in ice and snow?

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Just replaced my first set of front end parts after 140,000 miles and we've been off road ALOT, mostly in the desert over rough rocks and mud and sand. My van is stock 2007 2500 Express without 4-wheel drive. The benefits of All Wheel drive do not have anything to do with whether it is installed on a Vanabode or a normal passenger car. Ask yourself if YOU need all wheel drive (not whether a Vanabode needs all wheel drive). 
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