I am 6'4", can I make it with the bed going the 6 foot way like you do? Or should I make it long ways?

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My wife and I like to have our feet off the bed and do so in the van sort of jamming them between the end of the mattress and the van sidewall between the upright columns. We do this by choice because for some reason it feels cozy. We are 5' 7" max and so can sleep stretched out from head to toe without hitting either the head or the foot when we want to. HARDLY ANYONE stretches totally out when sleeping but if you do then 6'4" may max you out. I recommend finding a van and trying it out with an air mattress if you can. Otherwise you can easily turn the bed the length of the van as well and simply adjust the layout accordingly. You will actually have MORE room than we do if you are outfitting using a bed that fits a single person regardless of which way you turn it.
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