GoneCamper has designed and built a self-contained conversion for minivans. 

The GoneCamper Minivan Camper is styled after the historic teardrop camper: a bed up front and a kitchen under the rear hatch. BOTH the minivan and teardrop camper are designed with the same 4-foot x 8-foot footprint. The ADVANTAGE is that with a minivan you ELIMINATE buying, towing, licensing, insuring, and storing a trailer!
The GoneCamper kitchen has space for a cooler or refrigerator, water, stove, kitchen utensils, and dry goods.
The GoneCamper bed is available in either a full-size or single width. The bed is raised to provide a level sleeping platform (on the uneven and lumpy floor of the minivan) and plenty of storage below. Both size beds fold back to store behind the second row of seats between camping trips.
single mattress.jpg 
Both size beds also fold to form a couch (full-size) or chair (single bed.)
There are NO modifications to the minivan. The GoneCamper package installs and removes in just minutes. You can transfer the GoneCamper package to a new minivan in the future.

There are LOADS of options - for different size coolers, shorter/longer beds, and more. Both the bed and rear kitchen can be purchased separately. Each order has some custom features. Contact GoneCamper for more details. Please visit GoneCamper.com and/or send an email to GoneCamper@gmail.com for free information. See also GoneCamper on YouTube and Facebook.
See GoneCamper on Facebook and YouTube. Visit GoneCamper.com for more information on custom orders.
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