Jason, do you boondock when you go to Playa Linda Beach or anywhere on the Canaveral National Seashore?  If so, would you provide some details such as which parking lot(s) and how long you've overnighted? 

I'm not interested in the nude beach section, but would love to spend some time on the southern end of the island.  Do the rangers come through at night and empty the parking lots? 

I plan to make that area one of my first stops when I start my travels this winter, but I would like to spend several weeks there.  I've done a lot of research and can't find any free camping anywhere near the beach.  The closest I find is quite a distance west at Hatbill Park in the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area in Mims.

If you can't boondock on that shoreline, do you know of anything free or inexpensive within a reasonable driving distance of Canaveral National Seashore? 

I will join some clubs for campground discounts, but I hate to start my travels at KOA prices--plus I like natural settings.  I did check Airbnb and found nothing nearby.  The closest RV parking spot I found on that site is in Melbourne for $17/night--might use it later if I can't find something cheaper as I travel south.

Any other forum members with knowledge of this area, feel free to chime in.


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I have never seen anyone get away with overnight parking at Playalinda but I have never tried. Consider playing hard all day then calling it quits for the nights at either the Walmart in Titusville or Cocoa. Great city park as you leave mainland on your left on way to Playalinda, thousands of acres of wilderness on the way on both sides of road riverfront, free parking at beach but paid entrance fee, then move south to Port Canaveral for $5 day use on ocean and inlet with free showers, some people get away with parking close to the pier and pretending they are fishing all night which is allowed, most parking along beaches from Port Canaveral to Melbourne can be had for free. City park in downtown Cocoa great all day waterfront free parking.
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