Communal Living Communities Trade for Camping Spots with Vanabode Travelers

These communities offer alternative living options for Vanabode travelers. Each arrangement is different so visit each website to see the details if you want to try interesting offbeat locations and living arrangements. Some trade a parking spot for a little seasonal work. Some are accepting new members where you may pay a little up front and live for free long term with a little labor donation. Some sell property outright then leave you alone to build; or not, most anything you want. These can be very fun especially for those traveling Vanaboders who want to stay in some location half the year or so. Contact us to have your community included here.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms 900+ opportunities in the USA, 1,000's elsewhere
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge Missouri community of about 70 people with memberships open
Cobb Hill Cohousing in Hartland Vermont trade labor grow berries, raising sheep, honey, cheese, eggs
Earthaven ecovillage in a mountain forest setting near Asheville North Carolina.
Twin Oaks income-sharing community work gets you housing, food, health care and spending money
Breitenbush Hot Springs trade work for living arrangements, some seasonal also in Oregon
Arcosanti in the in the Arizona highlands mixed-use buildings, public spaces live, work, visit, and play
The Possibility Alliance 11 to 1500 people working together living well and cheap off the land
Intentional Communities massive searcheable listing database in every state and county it seems
Super cheap parking with shared bathrooms included using massive international database
Farm Stays get paid to park and look out for small and medium sized farms and coops or Farm Sitting
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