I am looking for help with cooking without using propane while we are camping outdoors. I actually own a nice lot up in Ocean Shores, WA which if I got a "power pole" installed on it, I could then "camp" on it for a total of 4 months per year. Right now just traveling is work enough ha! One sticking point: propane "gas" heating and cooking makes me ill. Is it possible to have the heating and cooking made "all electric" in a camper van or rv, instead of needing to use propane?
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Yes of course. Using the special inverter shown in the Vanabode book you can use an electric skillet or small microwave through your cigarette lighter in your van, REREAD the food chapter it seems you may have skipped over it. I recommend the use of propane on the outside of the van only andonly if none of the other 4 preferred methods that I discuss in the book are applicable for some reason.
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