Why did you rule out other vans that are used mostly as commercial vehicles, such as the Dodge Sprinter? With its higher ceiling, I know it is popular among some van campers.

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The Dodge Sprinter is an absolutely fantastic choice. . .

1) If you can afford it, 
2) If you don't mind NOT being able to park in many parking garages due to the increased height. I stay in Vegas for months at a time for free so a high top Sprinter style van would be of less value to me.
3) If you are NOT going to be stealth camping in big cities much. The van I use draws absolutely no attention at all whereas the Sprinter is more of a "camper" looking vehicle.
4) If you don't mind the fact that it is not as wide as the van I recommend
5) If you don't mind the fact that it is more top heavy and therefore more tippy and shakes more in winds
6) Nearly all Sprinter vans are vastly inferior to my setup in terms of suspension and tire size for OFFROAD use. We go to some extraordinary places out West like Spencer hot springs, Joshua Tree, Ventana Wilderness in California, Kings Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. When I get ready to drive off road over milk jug sized rocks and ruts in the forest I don't want any more trouble than I already have. The bigger and wider tires of my Vanabode are much better in this regard.

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