We finished your book Vanabode. We love it! We have been saving penny by penny for 5 years to live on the road and dreaming of the freedom ahead. We are now getting closer to our dream and a few weeks ago I did a Google search to see if there was anybody out there with our same dream of freedom. Within a few searches I came across your book.

We purchased it and read it cover to cover and have done some research on your websites. I have never seen anything like it. Very high quality, great pictures and straight to point - exactly what we needed.

We love to road trip and more than anything love to be together. We were so excited to read your book and be reassured that this is possible. We are both educators where if we continue for the next 25 years like our colleagues our soul will be eaten away by trying to "save the world" in our classrooms while getting chewed up and spit out by demanding parents, standardized test scores, and unrealistic district administration.

Enough of that nonsense, we love life and the joy and fulfillment that come from the adventures on the road. 

We have some ideas to help financially sustain us on the road but need some guidance. How long have you been working the websites like you describe in the book. We want to have income on top of our savings and don't know whether to be completely untethered by running a site like you do, or simply settle into the seasonal jobs you have links to in the book where we can work 4 months-travel-work 2 months somewhere else-travel, rinse and repeat….

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It seems as though your main question is: Should we take the time to build a portable income or simply work at the seasonal places you link to in the book (then travel in the off season on the money)? Since you are both college graduates with an extensive teaching background I would keep my job, then Vanabode the country during the 90 days you have off work during the school break summer vacation.

If I were you and just starting out I'd simply test out the seasonal work strategies outlined in the book. If you don't like it go back to one of the aforementioned strategies.

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