Hey Jason, I loved your book, and agree with everything you said 100%.  I am in the planning stages of my own Vanabode, and had a few questions about the Fantastic Fan for you:

Do you run your Fantastic Fan all night off your van's battery? 
MY ANSWER - See Vanabode Book

Do you crack the van's windows so the fan can take in air from outside?
MY ANSWER - We never leave the windows cracked at night for safety and bug issues. If you leave the Vans AC control on the dash in the right position fresh air will be sucked in when the roof vent is running from under the dash. HOWEVER the vent DOES give much more air circulation with the windows cracked a little (we do this in the daytime when we are up)

If you do run the fan through the night, is it loud enough that someone could hear it if they were snooping around the van?
MY ANSWER - It is super quiet but can be heard if listening for it.

Would it be okay to stay in the van and not respond if a cop suspected you were stealth camping?
MY ANSWER - I would NEVER ignore a cop. I have gotten up 3 times in 20 years to speak with an officer and details on those situations are in the book. It has NEVER been a bad experience.

Thank you for sharing Vanabode with the world... I can honestly say it has changed my life. Take care,

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Sorry to open an old thread, but I was unable to find information in the book on this topic. "Do you run your Fantastic Fan all night off your van's battery?  
My research has suggested that without a dedicated secondary battery (like a deep cycle marine battery), that using the Fan-Tastic fan would drain the battery in an hour or so. Can you offer any tips on your setup / how you use the fan? 
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Page 101 of the inventory chapter states "this allows us to ventilate the van without the key in the ignition for up to ten continuous hours". We do NOT nor have we ever needed to employ second batteries to run the vent longer. We sleep all night like everybody else with the fan on all night long. In the morning we get up start the van and drive to our next destination. See the book for the other important details about the vent and exactly what kind to get and what kind to avoid and why.
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