I found a 2003 Ford Passenger van that is windowed all the way around.  It is an XLT V8 with around 50,000 miles.  I was drawn to it because of the low mileage and the towing capacity.  Are the windows a hindrance to using it as a stealth van? or would it be easy to cover and insulate the windows I don't want to use?  Just curious if you know of anyone or if anyone here has converted a passenger van.

I was planning to remove the seats and sell them and start my build using this vehicle.  

I just started reading your book as I picked it up yesterday.  Looking forward to what can be learned with it as I definitely have a goal of going to van living within the next year. 

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Sounds like a good van. I've seen pictures of several window vans nicely converted.
Depending on where you park a passenger van may be more stealthy than the cargo style, tint the windows and no one will know it's set up to live in. You would have the added benefit of not looking like a work vehicle making it less appealing to someone wanting to break in and steal tools.
Just my thoughts, good luck with your build !
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