I am interested in possibly purchasing your book online. However, my question is whether it will help me insofar as I am going cross country (taking southern route via Interstate 10 to Florida and then 95 up to Massachusetts in a fifth wheel trailer (moving from Southern Californial to Massachusetts and must take trailer)? What I am looking at is places to park trailer for overnights. We are planning on going to Zion National Park and a few other national parks and want to do it cheaply. We have a generator and thus would only need to find places to fill water and flush out waste water cheaply. Am also looking for travel guide of what do see on this cross country journey. Does your book cover any of this.
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Yes. Even if you are not parking in stealth there are numerous parking plans outlined in Vanabode. Plus we have hundreds of pictures and complete descriptions of incredible places to camp, many free. There is an 8 page section specifically about Zion in the Travel Guide, which hikes are good and which are not, and which entrances to use to get in the park, not all roads can be used by rvs.

You will learn a lot and gain access to me via email for life so if any question is not answered in the book (a very specific question like...which is better Zion or Glacier) you will still get the answer directly from me. This is not just a book purchase with free updates for life. This is a support plan for full time travelers.


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