Hi there, my name is Sequoia. I am a Deaf woman who lives in Section 8 --- since my future is quite unpredictable, I could be homeless anytime. Thus I am trying to prepare a plan for myself and perhaps get an RV-van. I was wondering since I live on SSI/SSDI pension - they require I have a residential address. If I become homeless, how would I explain to them and still keep my RV-van and pension? You and your wife are amazingly awesome and inspirational.
Thanks for showing it is possible!
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The Vanabode book explains in detail how to handle your mailing, mail forwarding, and home address. It is not complicated, or expensive, and you can have a real mailing address instead of a PO box. Just follow the instructions in the book for getting mail when traveling.
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Here is the most reliable service for mail - With Earth Class Mail you can receive your postal mail online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
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I looked into them but it was 99 dollars a month, and I don't get enough mail for that to be worth it.
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