Just discovered and checked out a very tight, easy to use, free camping resource especially suited for those Vanabode campers traveling and living on a tight budget. See the link "Versatile very easy to use camping source" under the "Places to Camp" section of http://www.vanabode.us/camp/links.htm
Remember the Long Term Visitor Areas of BLM like down near Quartzite AZ offer LTVA 6 month passes for $180 - that's a $1 per day to camp - Vanabode at it's best!!! Obviously they have listings for paid sites too, but I found the government and free listings to best for my needs.

For those of you interested in seeing the KINDS of things we do on a long trip check out...

This road trip book is a diary style telling of some of what we experienced in 2014 over the course of eighteen weeks traveling up the east coast from Florida to Maine, through the Great Lakes, and down to Chicago. The key is we did it on less than $20 per day per person, including food, gas, and lodging. You can do the same thing. For many years we lived and traveled this way with no house or steady job at all. 
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