One of my email subscribers sent this question the other day...
"I have bought many books on how to make money on the Internet and have not made a dime. I need a step by step plan. How do you make money from your websites?"

MY ANSWER = Do you know why there are BILLIONS of web sites? WHY do people keep building more every day? BECAUSE THEY MAKE MONEY! The company I recommend is not a book, it is a complete online business system that takes MOST of the stuff that is nearly impossible to do profitably against the big boys and DOES IT FOR YOU, while showing you how to take your ideas and profit from them. You will need to WRITE though. So if you do NOT intend to write at all then do not pursue this.

read these two pages. I THINK what you are asking is "what is the business model when owning a website, blog, forum, or web presence."

Make money on the internet

How to profit from a website

also (I have not had the time to add this to the above pages yet, but obviously you can earn money from an eBook sold from your own website too.)



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