Greetings-- What are the best stealth locations in and around Las Vegas, NV ?   Refill
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When the weather suits you, I would stay in the larger casino parking lots. When on the strip I stayed in Venetian underground or at the Stratosphere across from that actual tower. When off strip I loved the New Orleans for easy access, Red Rock out by the highway, and also Green valley since it had a "mall" associated with it so it gives you something to do like attend free concerts, shows, get food, see a movie, etc. ALL the BLM land surrounding Vegas is great for hanging out as well for free, just pull off the highways, park and don't even worry about stealth, as it is legal as long as you stay there 2 weeks or less in one spot. Then move a mile one direction or the other and 2 weeks start over. I liked staying over on Lake Mead or Mount Charleston too in the summer when it was too hot to stay in the city. Also you will get NO attention at all by crossing the mountain 40 minutes into Pahrump and hanging virtually anywhere there.
Check out these articles on the NEVADA SECTION we wrote about some of those places:  Valley of Fire is beautiful and only an hour from Vegas, Mount Charleston, Pahrump (we once owned a house there an hour from Vegas), Lake Mead.

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I was wanting to know in what Las Vegas casino parking lots can you stealth camp? What about Walmarts to stealth camp in Las Vegas? You mentioned in your book that a person can take advantage of free Las Vegas shows, rooms, meals, and pools. Can you elaborate on this or give instructions? I'm mainly interested in Vanaboding in Las Vegas so I can grind low stakes poker and not have a lot of overhead. Any particular advice you can give on this subject that is not on the Vanabode webpage for poker players?


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1) Read about Vegas
2) It is too hot in the summer but the rest of the year no problem. We stayed in ALL casino parking lots successfully except Bellagio overnight. Just stay only one or two nights then move to another. Walmart no problem but in Vegas we like to buy the 24 hour fitness gym membership and use their showers nightly plus parking overnight some.
3) Get players card from each casino for free food comps and discounts. Poker go to hard rock and stratosphere like casinos where young guys are drinking and trying to show off to girls. PLAY TIGHT on the weekends with the drunk locals and tourists and take down one or two $200 pots a night. Play appropriately LOOSE if and when you feel like it DURING the slower days in the day time and maybe make $10 - $20 an hour playing 1/2 or 2/5
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