My 3 questions are: Is it safe to live out of your car - not a van; what does the law say? Does $600 include gas for my travel? I'm on a fixed Social Securiy income; where would I have my SS check mailed each month? I would have to have access monthly to this means of income. 
- Happy travels -
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Yes, you can safely live and travel using a car if you choose too however it is never going to be as comfortable. If you plan on using a car the strategies outlined in the book are even MORE important to you since you will need more help in certain areas. Yes $600 per month covers food, gas and lodging.

As for the law and whether it is legal; laws differ from place to place but the book shows you how to get access to thousands of places where it is legal to live and sleep in a car and most times do it for free without so much as a moment of hassle. I have a chapter on getting your mail in the book which covers this tricky issue in great detail. My mail strategies make it so you can have either a po box OR a regular street address and still get your mail forwarded to you WHEREVER you are in the United States!

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Have your Social Security check automatically deposited to a bank that has numerous branches around the country.  You can access the funds from any ATM (including other banks, in stores, etc--though there is a small fee if you use an ATM that is not your bank's).
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