I have an 1988 Roadtrek that does NOT have all the exterior vents that a new one has.  Plus, I have stayed in Hotel parking lots and never disturbed.  The only item I have that bothers me is the overhead A/C unit.  Which is going to be removed shortly.  The only item I have to watch is the height of this unit.

Once I get this off and put up my vent then I think it will be real good.  Even for some kind of stealth events.  I want to know what you think about this.  This is one day in Alabama.


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I have a LOT of reasons why I propose the van that I do in the Vanabode book. If you have the book read through it again. PLUS this page has many questions and answers about van choices as well. I personally think your Roadtrek is one of the best vans ever built for long term van travel and living; plus your particular model is very attractive (thanks for picture). Stealth is NOT everything. I give up some comfort to be completely "passenger vehicle looking" and of a size that fits nearly everywhere a car does. But if you do not NEED that (like if you stay in the woods all the time) then maybe your van is a better choice. Is there some activity that is costing you money because they know you are "in there" or do you have other plans?

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