As a family (4 yrd, 37 yrd, 62 yrd), we sometimes want space from each other. Currently, this is accomplished with separate rooms, books, and headphones. How does that work in a van? Where do you "go"?
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We mostly just sleep in the van and occasionally sit and read or watch a movie if the weather is bad. Otherwise we are OUTSIDE hiking, swimming, playing, sightseeing, walking city streets, exploring museums and art galleries and farmers markets and odd shops. We always give each other full permission to have some alone time without having to explain or excuse ourselves. We just give each other the freedom without question, so if one wants to walk down to the river and sit for an hour alone, the other lets them go. Sometimes my wife may explore a farmers market while I work in the van on the website or forum. The main thing you have to achieve and agree on is it cannot be a BAD thing when you just want to be alone (you must view it as part of keeping a healthy relationship with all those in your life, including yourself).

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