How much of my time will be spent getting the Chevy express Van repaired? According to reviews this van has some electrical problems including the rear lights some leaking problems including fuel. Honda vehicles get great reviews's too bad they don't have a van similar ins stealth and style to the Chevy express Van. Does anyone have any ideas of another model and make of van that could do wihat the Chevy van does in terms of living and being stealth. Thank you for your input. Refill
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I have owned the latest Chevy Van 2500 Express new since 2007 (6+ years as of today) and driven it over 110,000 miles over varied terrain off-road and in dusty, dry and very wet conditions. The ONLY repair I have needed to make the entire time was replacing the wheel bearings (due to rough roads). I have not even had to replace the brakes yet. The only maintenance I have had to do was oil changes, filters, tires, and one rear tail light burned out. You can find more on this discussion of vehicle choice in the "Vehicle Choices and Legal Issues" portion of Vanabode questions and answers.
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hmmm...i think your post about rough roads etc. just answered my question about a 2500 over a 1500 , would i be correct ?
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I have had two Chevy Express vans, 2000 and 2006 both super reliable. The 2000 needed intake gaskets, a common issue on the early vans I believe. Not a bad job if you are handy, use the metal Felpro gaskets and you"ll never have to do it again. The 2000 was a 2500 and had better brakes (rear drum brakes). The 2006 (a 1500 with four wheel disk brakes )hasn't given me any problems yet.
If you plan to tow go with the 2500.
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