carole steinberg
One of the ways i make money on the road is to help people get organized. I have been a professional organizer for the last 8 years. I have been om the road for 2.5 years. I work 1/2 days as needed for gas and trip money. I also do speaking events and classes. Living in a van is a good testimony to living free and simple. Speaking to womens groups, schools and churches, businesses and offerring free advice at events helps to earn clients. I use facebook to let people know where i will be.
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Carole it seems you have a good handle on how to have fun, earn enough to travel, and stay in touch with humanity all the while retaining your freedom and ability to go anywhere you please when you wish. Perfect, this is what Vanaboding full time is all about. Have fun and remember you can post pictures anytime you wish along with your posts too!
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