I was running into problems driving around with out of state plates and was wondering any tips to deal with lving in a van with out of state plates or the best state to register. Also they told me I need to change my plate to the state I was in. It seems to be a problem for me when in WA or NV.
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I love those two states so there is no way I would let them hassle me into not visiting long term when I felt like it.

The key is to tell them you are NOT living in that state permanently, but rather passing through on vacation. Show them Vanabode on your computer if they dont believe you. Keep ONE mailing address in the state you have your vehicle registered in.

Pay attention to the costs. For example I had to pay for "tags" in Las Vegas and it was $900 plus $1300 for insurance for ONE YEAR! I "moved" one hour away to Nye County in Pahrump and the cost dropped to $140 for the "tags" and only $490 for a years worth of insurance. That amounted to a HUGE savings. We were close enough to still enjoy Vegas while lowering our cost AND discovering a great place to camp and live off grid for at least 6 months a year if you wanted to.

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