I have been in the Real Estate Business for the past 30 years.  Since the crash, I have had to start over.  I have had a van for the past 7 years.  This is my first Roadtrek.  Plus, I studied your book before I purchased it.  Since I bought it, I have camped in it more than I ever have my other campers. 

I have got my Insurance Adjusters License for GA and I am wondering why.  I have a friend who we are doing this together, I hope.  (the adjusters and the campers) 

I think that I am going to stay in my van and work my business in GA and go everywhere here.  I can work in my van and I can live in my van, aka Vanabode.  I have been living in Dahlonega GA and this area is so beautiful it is amazing that I have lived within 30 miles of here most of my life. 

I am reading your new book and I love it.  You so far, have covered a lot of other things this time.  I do think that I will start writing books.  Some travel, some on other items.  All Short stories that a Kindle can handle, and the rest as PDF Files.  I have one already written on how to lower your property taxes. I have sold approximately 4 copies.  Ha! Ha!  (Before the Kindle)

I will let you know what happens!

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