Where do you get a sense of belonging and community from when you live like gypsies? I'm not saying it's a bad thing; clearly, I'm interested. I'm not ready to give up a little piece of land to grow apples and tomatoes on, but I do want to travel for extended periods and often. Also, you need roots and connections to foster social change (like starting community gardens, tool libraries, etc.)
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You can achieve solid relationships with like minded people with the selective use of social media and an appropriate online presence. Mostly though, you are developing a deeper relationship with yourself, with the Earth, and with those you travel with when you Vanabode.

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From a curmudgeon's point of view.....
I have lived in a few really nice neighborhoods, and have enjoyed my neighbors, local parks, libraries, etc. I have not enjoyed rent, mortgages, taxes, ever-rising utility bills, barking dogs that my neighbors can't or won't control, homeless people, street crime, etc.

Since I have begun living in my vehicle (I started in a Chevy Blazer S10 and moved up to a Chevy G20 van) I have been able to choose my neighborhood and change it whenever I see fit. I have made many friends who I keep up with by email and phone, and meet with them when our travel paths cross. I feel like the neighborhood I belong to is an expanded one, covering the entire United States. Perhaps it will grow to include Canada and Mexico. Obviously, if you have a love for the land, and are fortunate enough to have an idyllic spot, this isn't for you.

It sure works for me.

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I also have the G20 Van, love it and some land. This combo works well for me. My land is off grid and taxes run 272.00 a year. I did not pull any permits. I have spent such little time there that I feel I neglect it at times. I love to go there when I can. It is a labor of love, all volunteers help with improvements at times. This is where I get my community. I also use orher investments to generate income, rental property, including my fun spot in Mexico., very cheap. I can live there on less than in my van. I now have many friends from Canada to visit that I met in Mexico. They are like minded. If I don't have to sell everything, I can afford to travel and live simple. If I sell, i will run out of money in my lifetime assuming normal life expectancy. Since I already cheated death a few times I try not to concern myself with that possibility. Live Now!
Live Now!
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