We live in Massachusetts, and it gets very cold here in the wintertime. Our jobs do not enable us to migrate south long term. What do you recommend for staying warm in the wintertime?

Obviously, running the engine all the time just to stay warm would defeat the purpose of living in a van. It would cost way too much money. I was thinking of buying a very small wood stove (the kind used for large tents, like the Colorado cylinder stove) and venting it through the roof. The vent would be removed and the hole capped when the stove is not in use, or when traveling. Also, the windows would be cracked to allow oxygen into the van while burning the stove. What do you think of that idea? Do you have any other suggestions? I understand that this method would eliminate some stealth, so we'd have to stay as far away from people as possible when using the stove.
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I have seen many cases of accidental death by carbon monoxide inhalation. It is very dangerous to create any circumstances where it is possible. The Vanabode book covers this issue extensively. If you can bring the HEAT in without the FUMES then any solution is possible. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation.
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