Work Kills - EACH year you work past the age of 55 you trade 2 years of life span!
That's a fact! Let me repeat. For EACH year you work past the age of 55 the average person in the United States dies two years earlier than they would have. This chart came directly from a secret insurance document I acquired while working at NASA in Cape Canaveral Florida my home base since a child. It clearly shows why companies like delaying your retirement as long as they can. The longer you work the sooner you die which means they have to pay you fewer benefit retirement checks. For instance, the average Boeing employee retiring at the age of 65, only received 18 monthly pension checks; before dying half way through their 66th year. Lockheed-Martin employees only received an average of 17 checks before dying.

The longer you work the shorter your life. For example in the chart below if you retire at the age of 56, on average, you live past 83 (27 years of fun). However if you decide to work longer for example, and retire at the age of 63, you only live 7 more short years till about age 70. NOTE: once I published this report NASA's funding for my contract mysteriously dried up, they suddenly decided they no longer needed me. No problem, now retired at age 37 and I'm so much happier!
This is priceless information. Take this seriously. You probably won't hear it from anyone else. If you are a slave to your career, job or business, and your spouse or kids are like strangers, and you are spending all your "fun" time with people outside your family, then I promise you it will end badly. Don't sacrifice your marriage or family to greed. If you are wasting away in a go nowhere job, living month to month, and hungrily waiting for those two pathetic weeks of vacation at the end of a year to try and squeeze in some life and keep your spouse and kids happy, your kidding yourself. This is not how someone in the greatest country in the world should live. Consider Vanaboding now!
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