We have been full timing in travel trailers (Airstreams), Fifth Wheel (Mobile Suites), and a motorhome (Allegra Bus).  We have now downsized to an Arctic Fox 34' travel trailer.  After reading "Vanaboding" we are strangling considering selling our F250 and Arctic Fox and purchasing a used Roadtrek. We are spoiled to the "self contained" lifestyle although, we would like to boondock in the more remote locations.  We have only just begun our conversion process.  Anyone that can share information that would help us along the way to purchasing, let us know.  We are planning to purchase a used unit.  Thanks,
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One of the biggest issues when making that transition and determining how much you can handle off grid or boondocking for free is ONE, will you travel like we do and never really need an air conditioner and if so you can skip the entire generator thing, TWO if you like roughing it more away from the crowds like we do then you will need to pay attention to your water supply. By boondocking Lake Powell, for instance you can get all the drinking and shower water you need everyday waterfront - however should you be somewhere in forest only for a week you will need 4 gallons each person per day for drinking, showering, and washing up windows and dishes unless you sponge bathe some days. Many stock RV's have water supply tanks that are too small in my opinion.
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