I would love to put my bed across the van like in Vanabode plan, but at 5' 10.5" I am not sure I can squeeze in, as I like to stretch out. That said I am sold on the Chevy Express 2500 being the best vehicle choice…

Ford Econolines and Dodge Sprinters are both narrower than the Express. The only cargo van I have found that is wider than the Express is the Dodge ProMaster, which is making its debut in 2014.

Problems with ProMaster is that even the short version (it is available as hi-top like Sprinter) is well over 7 feet tall. So then there's the issues with parking garages and with parking laws for vehicles over 7 feet. Not to mention it is new in 2014 so can't get a used one. These vans cost upwards of $30K.

Looks like I will be getting an Express. I am thinking laying a bit diagonally will allow across-the-van bed.
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I'm 6-3 and sleep width wise in 2008 express. Yes I have to do a little diagonal across my mattress.
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