Hi J your lifestyle is amazing and you are a really good writer. What I want to know before buying your book, is will it have any relevance for us, as we live in the UK? What about other countries also?

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Many of those buying my book come from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Mexico, China and also some mention Great Britain. I get feedback from them all the time and I do not hear anything negative. I don't know if it is because the book is "cheaper" over there or if Europeans are not as critical or what, but I get great feedback.

The only thing that will not apply DIRECTLY to you would be the Destination Pages (since they are our actual trip reports of places we stayed in America). 
Here is an example of a desert run where we had wild free hottubs and hotsprings to ourselves for a week. You can see after looking at this page that if you live in the UK you may not be able to visit that exact spot but you could make use of the overall information about town proximity, privacy, safety, timing, etc.

In the UK and other countries you have just as many cool places to explore and see as anywhere else. Keep in mind Vanabode shows you the principles that I used in the United States but these same concepts can be used anywhere. This book is NOT about me showing you where to go but rather about empowering you to go anywhere you want, cheaply, safely and comfortably.

Over 90% of the book will apply directly to you and you will benefit greatly from it. Don't forget, you will get free direct email support from me forever as a book customer too, so no worries about the future, you can always get help from me regardless of where you live.

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