VANABODE links to the most important resources for inexpensive full time travel. This is the single most important page on this website and is for customers only. I have spent considerable time researching these important travel products, services for successful living off grid, and strategies for remaining debt free. If you can't find your answer search using the SEARCH field at the top of every page OR post your question on the Vanabode Forum under the appropriate category.

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Vanabode Home Page post and view questions, pictures, ideas, and stay in touch with other vandwellers
LEARN how to happily travel and live forever on $20 a day
Do you need this travel Book? If you are not on this list then you do not need the Vanabode book
Excerpts from the book writing samples show the style and substance of the Vanabode travel book
Jason's terms and definitions describe special principles that affect and control our lives
Destinations Guide personal insider information detailing 100's of sweet camping places
Travel Camping Questions and Answers sent in by readers
Original Vanabode Interior photos and construction details for bed, storage containers, interior layout details
Quit your job make money 100's of ways to make money while traveling, be debt free
Work Kills You proof for each year you work past age of 55 you die an average of 2 years earlier
Free Phone for low income travelers, nice wireless phone and free monthly service plan
Here's Why They Hate me shows the industries and governments reaction to my disruptive ideas
Who am I - pictures, biography, understanding the big events in my life that made me who I am
Dads Eulogy - cool one of a kind stories about my father that I delivered at his funeral
Travel Camping Diary is a year by year breakdown of 850,000+ miles of road travel since 1995
YouTube Vanabode Channel
Van Camping Travel Budget shows our actual costs for some past trips
Travel Affiliate sell my book and get a 55% commission, free sales and landing page materials
Solar oven cooking most advanced free cooking method ever devised for camping or remote living
Solar cooking questions answered, how long does it take, how hot does it get, what about Winter?
Order Cancellation Please tell me why you decided to not buy a copy of Vanabode
Vanabode Critics where I publish my critics reviews and my answers to their complaints
Vanabode Camping Promo Video dialogue of Vanabode commercial that ran on PRweb
Bad Camping Ideas shows crazy pictures of people trying to travel better than I do
Solar Charging System Diagram shows why I do NOT use such systems
Vanabode book images reproduced here for those having trouble seeing them on various devices
Media for professional media outlets including videos, audio commentary, press releases, graphics
Vanabode email confirmation page - confirms you are signed up to receive free Vanabode updates
RV articles I wrote that came from my original RVforSaleGuide.com website
Bus and motorcoach articles I wrote that came from my original BusForSaleGuide.com website
Weight loss before and after pictures shows how healthy travel beats housesitting your life away

Places to Camp

Free BLM land camping official website
Frugal Shunpikers Guides To RV Boondocking - I recommend her VERY specific travel advice
Free list of all types of affordable camping sites including FREE - Campendium
Free campsites all over the United States sortable by category and location, user rated and described
50% off camping fees at 2,000+ campgrounds in USA, Canada, and a few in Mexico GREAT DEAL!
Exclusive LTVA camping official website explains how to purchase one permit and camp for 5+ months
Boondocking.org offers GPS coordinates for boondocking for free, upload your own too
Boondockingguide.com BLM long term visitor areas, various states identified
BoonDockersWelcome 100's of searchable parking spots
FREE list of communal living places to stay for free in exchange for a little labor or skill
Free Campgrounds or super cheap ones throughout the United States, searchable
Map based super easy to use user uploaded at ultimatecampgrounds.com, affordable + free sites
AllStays unique massive collection of articles, apps, travel guides, Walmart parking lists and more
One Night Free lists hundreds of participating wineries, farms, breweries, and tourist locales
Public Lands detailed maps, super cool interactive find free camping tool using these instructions.
US Forest Service offers free and super cheap vast expanses of great camping.
Where to camp - shows over 13,000 camping spots all over the United States, unreal interactive map
One full time couples rv and camping reviews covers hundreds of campsites firsthand reviews
Massive list of over 31,000 campsites in the US and Canada
Recreation.gov federal camping reservation system, a must use resource for busy places
United States Forest Service - 190+ million acres much of it super cheap or free for camping
Arizona map coverage live dynamic public lands covered
New Mexico the state offers an incredible choice of camping option to fit all budgets
Printable downloadable maps of thousands of places to camp
Parking Airbnb offers thousands of cheap parking spots in city and country settings to Vanaboders
Camping Club memberships - worth the cost? Thousand Trails, Escapees, Good Sams, more


Metal Storage Components for building out the van, heavy duty bed support shown installed here
Solar oven safely cook awesome meals for free without fire, smoke, electricity, fuel or hassle
RV for Sale Guide - as a recognized travel authority in the United States I provide discussions of everything RV, Camping, and Motorhome related including where to travel, advantages and disadvantages of each RV platform, hundreds of pictures, budget expectations and strategies, trip planning, insurance advice, buying and selling, storage, parts, renting, safety, loans.
Buses for Sale Guide - I put this site together for those interested in traveling by bus or motor coach conversion. This bus buying guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of all makes of buses used as tour buses, campers, conversions or church shuttles, school buses, rv conversions, and band buses. It includes buyer and seller checklists, comparison charts, insurance advice, brokers info, rental strategies, and detailed specs with links to preferred bus sales companies.

Other Living Strategies

Work in exchange for lodging and food opportunities worldwide
Work camp pays for year round travel - 2018 Vanabode workcamping trip, Amazon 2017

Money Making and Money Saving Sites

Quit your job make money while traveling anywhere links to legitimate ways I use to earn money.
Restaurant.com cheap delicious top notch meals at a discount!
Groupon - Great diverse set of discounts emailed directly to you saves you LOTS of money!
Hide your money protect your assets, disappear, escape from government intrusion, eliminate debt
Workamper paid membership gets you access to hundreds of seasonal jobs posted for travelers

Travel Tools

Climate Resources 85,000 records of historical weather averages, REAL data from REAL users
Find Fresh Water Springs locate free fresh water springs, stock up on H2O on the go
Organic Farmers Markets - locate thousands of local, organic, road side retail farmers markets
Vanabode Forum make it your travel home base, post your profile, pictures, questions, and answers

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