I've found several Ford/Chevy 250/350 cargo vans in my area priced $3,000-8,000 used. What's a realistic price range? Many appear in great shape (rust free, at least), but have high miles. 100K, 150K, 200K miles. What's your cut-off? Do you have vehicle shopping tips? Does the color really matter? Only white? Some of the vans for sale are dark red and blue. I understand white is generic, nondescript, but the colored vans are in better shape. We have a 32' 1992 Chevy Holiday Rambler I'd like to trade in (we paid $7500 for it last summer). It's too big and cumbersome to be practical (gas mileage, dump station, yada yada) as you wrote in your book and we discovered firsthand.
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Pricing use Kelly Blue Book or one of the other established pricing sites but do NOT get one with rust. My Vanabode purchased new in 2007 has 149,000+ miles on it and now needs shocks, and front end parts. Except for wheel bearings (the desert can be rough) and a few bushings I replaced myself this van has needed NOTHING in the repair category in 9 years. I consider this an extraordinary piece of equipment. I recommend white for reasons explained in the book, but if you won't be doing much city stealth camping color does not matter (except the darker the hotter and more paint fade over the years). Ideal value to longevity would be a 2-5 year old with less 50k on it.
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