How much water did you carry and how was it stored?

- Happy travels -
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Water storage is always dictated by availability. Sometimes we get water from a river or lake and sanitize by using the solar oven to purify as described in the book . Sometimes we carry 10 gallons of water in our big cooler. Sometimes we buy water by the gallon every 3 days as we travel. If you are staying off grid in one place for a long time it would be easier to put a 30-40 gallon tank in that you can buy from an RV store and store under the bed. Take careful measurements before purchasing and factor in the the fill and faucet locations. Keep in mind there are many reasons why I do not recommend installing plumbing like the typical vandweller does. 
1) It technically reclassifies your vehicle as a recreational vehicle and that means many laws will now apply to you that did not previously. You could now be more limited in your legal parking choices.
2) Simplicity. Storing lots of water correctly and purchasing and installing indoor plumbing is neither cheap, easy or recommended. I have never needed it.
3) Leaks can be disastrous. If it leaks when you are gone and floods everything it will be difficult to clean up. Sometimes the wiring could be affected as well causing electrical shortage and possibly a fire.
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