My boyfriend and I are selling his home and heading out at the end of the year in a pick-up truck and a fifth wheel. We plan to be gone at least a year, if not two. We don't have money saved, so we're looking at every possible way to make a living on the road. Most likely, an internet business would work best for us. My boyfriends background is in TV Production and photography. My background is in secretarial work and customer service. I am hoping to combine my love for travel, his photography skills, and my writing skills and maybe make some money with it.

We have a lot of ideas but we're not sure where to start. Do you have any advice on that? I am 44 years old with no children and very few material possessions. I have never found my passion and I am somewhat a rebel when it comes to living by the standards of others. My boyfriend is 38, never married, no children. He has worked the same job for 19 years and has never traveled or taken a vacation or a day off (not even a sick day) in those LONG years. He is ready to live a little and to experience life.

Before we met he had been planning to go off by himself, in his pick-up and a tent. He has a love for storm chasing, which we plan to do, and I have a love for the Rocky Mountains and Grand Canyon. Your e-book inspired me even more to do this. I am not as worried about running out of money as my boyfriend is, but he is more of a responsible person than I. I tend to be a free-spirited "gypsy" who doesn't really plan life out. I probably should but together we balance each other out, which is the best you can hope for.

We are so excited about getting out of the rat-race and getting out on the open road to freedom. I would love to hear from you about all of this, if you have the time to spare. Your book is incredible.

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The Vanabode book lists many resources for earning money on the road. I provide self employment opportunities where you work for yourself AND the very popular list of places that hire every year seasonally for "campers only" type jobs. Most people find these resources alone to be worth more than the cover price of the book. 

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