On your sales page one of the buyers of your book is quoted as saying "If enough people get a grasp on this book the housing recovery will really be far off. I mean after reading Vanabode who needs a house?" Does Vanabode make the point that we are to live without a house?
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The heavy duty issues and complete detailed explanations covering all aspects of why it is NOT smart to obtain a house via mortgage are included in Vanabode - travel forever on $20 a day. Get your own copy of Vanabode by clicking the banner at the top or bottom of the page if you want to really understand this revolutionary thinking and unique way of obtaining complete freedom.

Since 2007 the market has made this point for me. Millions are in bankruptcy. Millions all over the world are "homeless". Massive personal debt mainly from trying to own a house has served to crush marriages, destroy homes, separate fathers from their children and mothers from their faith. Mortgages and house payments and all that goes with what people think of as "home ownership" has utterly ruined the lives and savings of most people.

According to the US census bureau nearly 28% (nearly one in 3) Americans are spending MORE than HALF THEIR ENTIRE INCOME on housing in 2011! This is an abomination! Absolute theft! It is a crushing defeat to so many living in what many consider to be the greatest country in the world.

An astonishing 53% of Americans spend more than 30% of their income on housing in 2011. Folks if you are in this condition you are making a huge mistake. You will end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your life on mortgage payments plus interest, PMI insurance, homeowners insurance, HOA fees, maintenance, repairs, pest control, alarm monitoring, taxes, furnishings, and disposables like light bulbs, brooms, and cleaners. You can do much better than spend your entire life working to pay off a drywall box to sleep in.

How does this happen? How is this possible? You have been sold a lie. You have been told that you are poor if you don't own a house. Well for starters NOBODY EVER OWNS ANYTHING! That's right. Even after paying off your 30 year mortgage you don't own anything. Vanabode explains all this in great detail but the bottom line is you do not need a house to be happy. Period. No debate, no argument. That is a fact. What you DO need is shown in the book and how to get it is very easy.

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If interest rates are the same for a saving instrument and a mortgage, It takes 6 years and 9 months to save what will take 30 years to pay back. 

That is robbery, and it is legal.

That is without anything extra.  With all the savings one would have in a Van, you could add to this and make it approximately 4 years.  Then If you have too, you can purchase a box, and choose to live there or in your Van. 

I would do something else with what ever I have, due to the pending collapse of the dollar.  (That is another story)
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