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They Hate Me and Here's Why

When I released Vanabode - how to happily camp, travel, and live forever on $20 a day, I set off a fire storm of controversy. You see I was raised in a very poor family and always resented the taking of what little I did have by city governments, agencies, and the wealthy who control large industries in the United States. My dad also taught me that just because you don't have money doesn't mean you can't do fun things like pursue adventurous travel and exploring America via road trips. So my philosophy is I want what I want and I don't want to pay YOU for it!

Wikipedia describes Vanabode as a "disruptive technology" or "disruptive innovation"; terms used in business and technology circles to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or making something available to everyone that was previously only available to the rich". . .

Basically what I have done with the release of this new travel and living strategy is to circumvent hundreds of peoples plans for taking your money. Needless to say these people do not like it one bit and are fighting mad about it. For example many in the travel industry refuse to allow me to buy advertising to sell Vanabode in their publications and on their web sites. Why? Because I completely eliminate the need for their services with my strategies. Following is list of those that are set against me, why they hate me, and what some are doing to stop me from empowering you. All I am trying to do is help you keep their greedy little hands out of your pockets. But they don't like that one bit. Too bad, the fight is ON!

pier image seen while traveling in our van

Gorgeous sunsets and sea views are common place when you have the time and resources to BE there: at the seashore, at just the right time; any time you want to be.

Travel Agencies hate me because my book allows for what insiders in the industry call "solo travel". That is; without the services of a travel agent. If you can happily and safely travel without their help then they cannot make money from you. Reports have come in of meetings within the larger membership organizations to make sure they do not allow any mention of Vanabode, camping or road trips on any of their corporate or syndicated web sites or blogs.

The Hotel and Hospitality Industry has warned the members of this powerful group to be on the lookout for those employing Vanabode techniques within their communities, and on their properties. Once you have a copy of Vanabode for yourself you will see that you will rarely ever have a reason to pay for a hotel room. I outline techniques in the book for using a hotels facilities legally but without paying to stay there. I reveal how to legally use their bathrooms, Internet connection, parking lot, public grounds, stores, showers, restaurants, and swimming pools without paying to stay. This has created an extremely angry bunch of hotel and industry owners who once had travelers money in their pockets every night, but provided little in return. You know I am on to something when a multiple billion dollar industry has threatened legislation to stop me.

Campground Owners - Some are among the most angry about my book. Many campgrounds are pretty and very helpful to new campers and those of a certain demographic (namely you need a lot more money to stay in campgrounds each night than you do to Vanabode). Many require advance reservations, and payment by credit card up front at rates of $25 to $165 a night. Many provide only crowded noisy parking lot style places to park for the night. Campground owners have stepped up efforts to stop Walmart and other big retailers from allowing people to park (camp) for free overnight in their parking lots by petitioning city governments for ordinances against Vanaboders. Once again, my book eliminates the need for, or dependancy on, commercial campgrounds. So many campgrounds have declined to offer my book for sale in their bookstores that I don't even try any more.

Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers and Retail Sales Facilities are strongly opposed to my work as it proves that for most people, these massive oversized RV's are a waste of time and money. My notes on just how dangerous they are to drive and park and how many of the most incredible places in America can be reached by van but not with a big motorhome have increased the animosity to extreme limits. Service bulletins have been released to many retail dealers by the manufacturers instructing them to prepare for questions about how the cost, safety, depreciation, parking, driving, and destination limitations of these big rigs compare to my properly outfitted van. This is a massive pool of big money players that is bringing considerable pressure to bear against me.

City and County Governments are among those opposed to all that I am for. They make big money from taxing homeowners, property owners, businesses, hotels, campgrounds, and tourists. I show you how to simply walk around all of them and pay them nothing while living in, traveling through, and enjoying: their cities, facilities, and the outdoor wonders they claim as their own, but which are actually free to us all.

IRS - yes even the biggest money taker of them all has turned its unwelcome attention upon me. The strategies I show you how to acquire like how to protect your assets, disappear, escape from government intrusion, eliminate debt, bank secretly, escape stalkers, control personal privacy, obtain complete banking privacy, work under the radar, stop identity theft, avoid wage garnishments, live privately, get an alternate name, avoid court, stop process servers, be invisible, work privacy, travel privately, hide your identity, and prevent stalkers from finding you, have made them sit up and take notice. Above all my tips on how to reduce your expenses so low that you only need to make about $7,400 a year to live happily (which means you won't be paying the IRS anything) have made them very disturbed. Newspaper reproters claimed my tactics could be used by terrorists to be invisible and therefore I should be stopped. This of course is ludicrous. Still I am on the watch with special software monitoring my computer for possible government blocking or intrusion.

Banking Industry officials are pinpointing me for harassment as well. I reveal a resource that allows you to store and hide your money more securely than a bank so that no creditor, government agency, child support agency, police department, or stalker can find out where it is or how to get it. How? You'll have to get Vanabode to find out but I will tell you the secret to this. When you setup your private safe deposit box using the special process I give you the source for, you do NOT give them ANY form of written identification. You do NOT provide your name, your social security number, your signature, your drivers license, your birth certificate, your photo ID or a business name. You will be the ONLY person that has access to the stored items. This system eliminates the need for a bank and gives you something no bank can give you: complete anonymity. There is NO other way to completely secure your wealth privately including trusts and shell companies.

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