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Work Camper

Work camper is a term that is used to describe work that can be done while camping and traveling. The jobs are usually short term and do not require much commitment or prior skills. You can work in New York city one year and the Grand Canyon the next without any hassles. The jobs are typically seasonal and usually give you free lodging or a camp site as part of your compensation. There are numerous other ways to pay for everything while on a Vanabode journey like working for yourself in your own business as well. EVERY one of these methods and direct links to them are included in the book - Vanabode.

Within the Vanabode book I explain the many different ways you can earn a living while travel camping all over the United States. Many people are skeptical about Vanaboding because they do not have any savings to travel on: as explained in the book you need about $600 a month for EVERYTHING, including lodging, transportation and food. Even though it is not much, you can't move on your dream of being completely free, coming and going and living wherever you want for as long as you want, without it. Do NOT worry, get the book and you will find a great seasonal job from hundreds of opportunites listed.

Some folks need $1200 a month because they are traveling long distances as a couple with a small child. Others need less than $500 a month because they do not drive very far but rather stay put in one national park like setting for an entire tourist season of 6 months or longer. Some have savings, some have limited retirement income, and others just want to work for themselves instead of slaving in a lackluster 9-5 job that only allows 2 weeks a year of travel.

coast line along the 17 mile private pay to get in section of California near  Carmel by the Sea  picture

Picture shows some of the coastline along the 17 mile private "pay to get in" section of California near Carmel by the Sea. You can drive this route or bike it like we did. Either way you could spend the entire day here with spectacular wildlife, sea life and ocean breezes and views that are constantly changing. Vanabode in fully stocked as there are no public restaurants. We had a wonderfully romantic time here eventually falling asleep on the beach.

Get your copy of Vanabode as soon as you can and check out the chapter on work campers and how we earn money for everything we need. There are links for hundreds of places in the book to make a solid income and most are extremely fun. Everything from pulling a hot-dog cart to shooting photography, and from working in a national park to running an annual Christmas Tree sales lot. Below are just two live examples of the kinds of work you can do.

The book has many, many more opportunities and if you don't want to work for yourself there are resources where you can apply for hundreds of jobs that require little or no experience in the camping industry. There are hundreds of places outlined in the book to make a solid income and most of them are extremely fun for the work camper.

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